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Matt E. Hipke, M.D., PLLC
Longview, Texas

Why do Teens need a Doctor?

Your pediatrician may have cared for you since you were a small child.  As you continue to grow and change, you will have new health needs...
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11 Ways Dr. Hipke Helps Teens

Teen Health and Wellness is about more than a '10 minute physical'.

Wellness visits empower teens to take their health to the next level...Then you can put together a game plan to keep yourself healthy!
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101 Encouraging Words for Teens

When parents catch their teens doing something right, I encourage them to make a big deal out of it!

WOW * Way to Go * Super * Your'e Awesome * Outstanding * Excellent * You're Special * Great * Good * Neat * Well Done * Remarkable...and....
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Teen Health and Wellness

Teens look forward to visiting with Dr. Hipke.
  • Total Health and Wellness for Your Teen
  • Life Skill Visits Handle Tough Life Issues
  • Preventative Care
  • Managing Illnesses and Injuries
  • Game Plans for Parents

All in a Relaxed Office where your teen is more important than a '10 minute office visit'

Dr. Hipke is Longview's only full time Adolescent Medicine doctor!Glad you are here!


From teens: "I want to say thank you for all you've done to help me since the day I met you..."

From Parents:  "You've been a great example for my sons..."


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