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I didn't grow up thinking I would be a Teen Doctor...I did 'know' I was going to medical school around age 12.  I grew up in Tyler Texas with two older brothers and graduated from Robert E. Lee High School in 1980.  I grew up outside playing in the woods and mowing yards for money.

Matt Hipke was born in Texas and Raised in Texas!First Grade...Looking Kind of Serious...

I volunteered 1000s of hours at ETMC and learned alot...tricks of good patient care I still use today.

I started my medical career at just 13 years old volunteering at East Texas Medical Center in Tyler.  I worked in the Emergency Room as a Nurse Assistant in high school.  Then I earned my Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and worked with East Texas EMS throughout college.  (Yes, it was the most exciting job I have ever had.)

Austin College in Sherman, Texas

Major: Biology
Outstanding Scholarship Honor Awards
Sherman Independent School District Tutor Resident Director for AC college apartments

AUstin College is a great premed factory with rigorous academics...but it was fun!

UT Medical School in Houston provide four years of top level training to become a doctor!

University of Texas Medical School at Houston

Degree:  Medical Doctor
Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society
Outstanding Student Award in Pharmacology
Student Intercouncil Scholarship Awards
Office of Student Support Tutor

My first love was always Emergency Medicine, but one of my mentors in Houston suggested Internal Medicine because he saw my heart for taking care of people at a more in-depth, personal level.  I am glad I listened.  An Adult Internist is a medical doctor who becomes an expert at detecting and treating health problems.  I also believe a good Internist will be concerned about your personal life and the impact of the world around you.  Really good Internists spend all the time it takes to create suggestions specifically for YOU.  So, off to Kentucky...(honestly, I wanted out of the big city!)

University of Kentucky
Chandler Medical Center

Lexington, Kentucky
Internal Medicine Internship & Residency

Outstanding Intern Teacher Award
Internal Medicine Chief Resident

Albert Chandler Hospital and surrounding hospitals provide superb Internal Medicine training!

(I also published a paper in the Southern Medical Journal detailing the illness tobacco growers can get harvesting wet tobacco.)

Dr. Hipke has taken care of over 4600 teenagers in his 26 year career.

Coming home to East Texas in 1992, I settled in Longview and built a full adult medicine practice with my partners at Internal Medicine Association of Longview.

However, I noticed a gap in care of young adults after they ‘were too old’ for their pediatrician and essentially stopped going to the doctor unless they were ill.  That gap of time left room for lots of unhealthy habits and decisions to take root that I had to treat in adults!  So I explored Adolescent Medicine, spent time gathering the knowledge I needed, and transitioned my full adult practice into teenagers and tweens around 1996. 

The Adolescent Care Team does not have PA's or Nurse Practitioners.  Your teen sees Dr. Hipke at every visit!

I am the only full time Adolescent Medicine physician in East Texas and have clearly gained a reputation for my care of the whole teen.

I moved to open my private practice, The Adolescent Care Team, in 2000. I have recently slowed down and re-focused my practice in 2016.

I have enjoyed my years empowering teens to take care of themselves…  'Standing in the gap' has truly made a difference in thousands of teens' lives (and their families.)  It's been fun to watch them develop into awesome adults.

4 Trivia Tips You Need to Know About Dr. Hipke

My Favorite Extracurricular Awards

Proud to be an Eagle Scout
Awarded First United Methodist Church Outstanding Youth Sunday School Teacher Award in 2001
Earned Longview’s ‘Doctor of the Year’ Award in 1998
Served on various City of Longview boards
Team Physican for several area high schools

Meet My Wife, Alicia...and Maggie!  (Little Mazey in memorium)

Meet Doctor Hipke and his wife Alicia!

My wife, Alicia, retired from teaching school a few years ago.  We both enjoy playing with Maggie, spending time outside and look forward to traveling more in the coming years.  (Oh, maybe a little golf, too.)

Consider rescuing an animal!

Meet Maggie (officially her name is Magnolia).  She is our rescue dog from Longview Humane Society Adoption Center.  We are still taking votes about all the breeds of dogs inside her.  However, she is the nicest, happiest dog EVER.  She never meets a stranger and loves other animals.  I think she knows she was one day away from not being here at all.  She has a FOREVER FAMILY now.

Consider rescuing a cat or dog!

Our kitty, Mazey, sadly passed away in 2017.  She was a really sweet rescue kitty we found under a bush at a local restaurant.  We'll treasure our time with her forever.

                               What's on my Bucket List?

Enjoy my Christian Adventure until I get to Heaven
Grow old together with Alicia
Spend a month in Hawaii
A Cruise to Alaska
Achieve Total Body Fitness
Get good enough in golf to play some great courses like Amelia Island
And I'll keep adding...

Did I really have a Perfect Life Growing up?

I'll admit I had some advantages that other people don't have growing up.  Money for school, thanks to my dad, was a huge advantage and I am grateful.  That being said, I know about divorce of parents (when I was 13).  I love my parents but know a lot about distant dads...our mom was the rock.  I know the long-term effects of having rough and tough older brothers.  I know what it is like to be lonely in a sea of school students having a good time.

I know I was FAILING third grade and below.  Mrs. Trotter, my fourth grade math teacher, made it all 'click' and I made A's most of the way forward in school.  To this day I don't know what happened, but it clicked.  I believe that is the single most inspiring reason I will hold out hope for EVERY teenager I see...walk with them until it clicks...then they will walk on their own.

It's all about gathering up the good and healing the not so good....add all the goodness of yourself...and then finding the enjoyment in your adventure called life.

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