Kinds of Appointments Available

Graduating your Teen to Our Office...

Teens look forward to 'their own doctor' with no little babies crawling all over!

Glad you're here!  Before learning about appointments, let's get your tween / teen graduated to the office.  Please fill out the New Patient Referral Form!  Click to send it to us and the office will call you within 1-2 business days.

New Patient Appointments

New Patient Visits can only be scheduled by the office.  When your teen is accepted, several dates can be offered to you.  These visits take over an hour, so please allow ample time.  Plan on arriving 20 minutes early, we can begin a permanent record for your teen.

Once scheduled, New Patient Visit Forms will be mailed to you.  Please complete them before your appointment.

Please bring

  • Immunization Records
  • Completed New Patient Visit Forms and signed Consent Sheets
  • Current Insurance Card with your PCP changed to Dr. Hipke

If you are unable to keep your appointment, please contact the office so others can be seen in your place.  New Patient appointments may be re-scheduled one time only.  If the second appointment is not kept, Dr. Hipke will not be able to see your teen.  Missed New Patient appointments (without notifying our office ahead of time) will not be rescheduled.

Established Patients
On the Road to Health and Wellness

After a New Patient Visit, you will be given instructions how to schedule your own appointments online!  You will also have Dr. Hipke's email to send encrypted messages to him.!

Lost your access code?  Contact us and give us your office-approved email.

Dr. HIpke does not want any teens to miss more school than needed.  However, by seeing only adolescents, please understand the need to schedule during school hours.

There are 3 kinds of appointments to choose from:

Annual Wellness Visits are the most important visits of all.  For one hour, once a year, the annual visit give teens the opportunity to stop and review their health, lives and decisions.  A lot can change in a short year!  (Even students doing well deserve a positive pat-on-the-back from someone outside the family to affirm the positive direction they have chosen.)  Adolescent Medicine focuses on preventing problems before they start by talking with teens while they are healthy. Teens grow rapidly, so exams once a year are important.  Please plan on arriving 20 minutes early so Dr. Hipke can talk with parents while teens are completing annual paperwork.

NOTE:  Missed Annual Visits will move patients to an inactive status which means call-in medications / refills / care may be restricted until this visit is completed.

Life Skill Visits usually last about 30 to 45 minutes and may be scheduled as a series of 3 or 4 visits over several weeks.  Sometimes the real world can create tough situations like death, divorce or personal difficulty which can be hard to handle.  Dr. Hipke is glad he is not an adolescent psychologist!  Being a doctor lets him look at the total health of tweens and teens.  He has spent over 25 years guiding teens through the toughest life situations.  He will put his 'track record' for helping teens up against anyone in the area.  Students are receptive because they know Dr. Hipke as their doctor...instead of seeing 'a counselor'.  He empowers teens to help themselves.

Dr. Hipke serves as a doctor, wellness coach, role model, advisor / advocate for teens and families.  He spends time creating helpful strategies for everyone involved.   All of your teen's care is under one roof!  Sounds great!

Short Visits are brief 'in-and-out', ten minute visits for evaluation of new illnesses such as colds, look at acne, check a sports injury, quickly recheck previous problems, or to answer short questions.

As Teens Grow into Adults

Adult Visits will always be available for patients who start seeing Dr. Hipke as teenagers.  Because Dr. Hipke is an Internist, you don't have to find another doctor after a certain age.  Some adults do 'graduate' on to other doctor when they are doing well or as they move from East Texas.

Adults will continue to schedule their own appointments online and can choose from any of the 3 kinds of visits above.

Missed and Cancelled Appointments

Adolescent schedules are busy.  If you are unable to keep your appointment, established patients can go online to cancel / reschedule appointments!  It's that easy.  Missed appointments will trigger an email to you.  It is the only notice you will receive to reschedule.

Missed appointments may create an inactive status in the office which means medications etc. may not be renewed without coming to see Dr. HIpke.

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