Frequently Asked Questions about the Office

Dr. Hipke encourages teens and families to ask questions.  He will try his best to answer or find the answer.

What is The Adolescent Care Team?

ACT is an East Texas primary care doctor’s office where teens and tweens receive Dr. Hipke’s personal attention at every visit.  It’s an oasis away from impersonal, busy medical offices.  Teens receive confidential primary care that goes far beyond a ’10 minute physical’. Dr. Hipke takes a ‘total person’ approach to customize care for each teen and their family.

What sets Dr. Hipke’s office apart from other practices in Longview Texas?
Time.  Dr. Hipke slowed down and re-focused his practice in 2016.  He has slimmed his practice to teens and tweens who need that extra time.  There’s no rush at his office! 

Experience.  Treating ~4600 teens over a span of 20 years, he is the most experienced Adolescent Primary Care physician in East Texas.  He focuses on wellness, keeping teens healthy, treating their medical concerns as well as teaching about their life concerns.

Tough Topics.  Dr. Hipke has experience handling the roughest topics teens / tweens face in life.  He will put his teaching skills up against anyone.  Your teen’s health and wellness always comes first.  Then, he focuses on empowering teens to solve life situations that impact their lives.  Parents are empowered by teaching them how to grow with their teens.

Dr. Hipke is your teen’s physician / wellness coach / life coach / confidential advisor and advocate…all in one.

What ages will Dr. Hipke see?
All new patients must be 18 years old or less.  Check out the 'I want to be a New Patient Form'.  

Once established, Dr. Hipke will be there to continue care if patients are struggling well into adulthood.  As they grow through any health / life problems and reach adulthood, many graduate on to other routine doctors.

Is Doctor Hipke an Adolescent Psychiatrist?
No*.  Teens who have seen psychiatry services often complain they 'just get their pills' and stay about 4-5 minutes.  When they seek psychology services, they often complain they never get to see the same adolescent counselor or have to 'skype' to talk with someone!  Many have told me they 'play games' for an hour with a therapist and go home with no help.  The relationship is never developed and so teens rarely get honest.

  • Many teens and tweens transfer from those services to Dr. Hipke's office where they will see Dr. Hipke at every visit!
  • 'Pills' are not the focus of teen care at Dr. Hipke's office.

Dr Hipke's total teenager approach allow for teens to have a board certified doctor care for their entire health.  He often comments that teen's hearts and lungs are great but they will be unhealthy because of poor decisions from the brain.  So he actuallys talks with teens for up to an hour at each visit...develops a teen advisor relationship with them...and empowers them to take good care of themselves.  Medications can be used to help that process but never substitute for teaching Life Skills to live well.

*Dr. Hipke is glad he's not a psychiatrist.  Total teen and tween care from a dedicated physician is where the most impact can be made on growing kids.

Will Doctor Hipke see every teenager who wants an appointment?
Unfortunately, no.  There are way too many teens to be seen in one office.  Dr. Hipke has elected to focus on primary care for teens who have other life troubles and want a physician who can care for more than just routine healthcare.  Any doctor can listen to heart and lungs…but there is alot more to keeping teens healthy.

Dr. Hipke will bring his expertise and dedication to the teens who need that extra time to get on track in life.  In the traditional healthcare system, that means seeing a regular doctor and then being referred to endless ‘counselors’, 'therapists', specialists and maybe a psychiatrist.  It becomes exhausting for both teens and their parents.  Dr. Hipke is not a psychiatrist nor a counselor.  However, he will put his teaching experience, a unique ability to connect with teenagers, and 20 years of know-how in Adolescent Medicine to work for your teen…all under one roof.  It is much more relaxing for teens and tweens to solve concerns with their doctor.  (They will see Dr. Hipke, himself, at every endless parade of different people at every visit!)

How do I join if the practice is full?
True, Dr. Hipke slowed down and re-focused his practice in 2016.  He is only taking a limited number of patients.  In order to provide the highest possible level of personalized, quality care to teens who ask for help, he does limit the total number of patients.  Openings are currently available, so you will be contacted soon after you send your New Patient Form.

How would I know if Dr. Hipke can help my teen?
Based on the word-of-mouth success of his unique practice, you would join many doctors, judges, counselors, therapists, psychiatrists, probation officers, behavioral hospitals, police officers, teachers, and church leaders who continue referring tweens / teens to Dr. Hipke.  They know Dr. Hipke’s success with helping struggling adolescents.  He isn’t perfect, but when the chips are down, community leaders know where they are going to send them.  He is most honored when current patients and their families refer other East Texas adolescents here!  (Review some of the Patient Testimonials here.)

Since you are on our website, you are on the right track already.  Dr. Hipke goes above the routine 10 minute visit and takes care of a unique group of tweens and teens who need that extra time you won’t find at a traditional doctor’s office.  If you like what you have read so far, check out the new patient form and send it to us.  Also, please check out and like our Facebook page.  There are a lot of current teen topics that may interest you and help aid you in your decision making.

Will Dr. Hipke provide a one visit ‘second opinions’ for my teen / tween?
Only in rare circumstances.  Many families have questions about a current diagnosis or medication or mystery illness.  When teens transfer care to his office, Dr. Hipke would like to take over their primary care and move all their other care ‘under one roof’.  Of course, certain specialists may be retained for care Dr. Hipke cannot provide.

Why does Dr. Hipke have confidentiality with teens?
Dr. Hipke wants teens to have open communication with parents.  But he also knows several studies have shown if teens are not granted confidentiality only 58% will actually discuss what is really going on in their lives.  That goes up to 82% if confidentiality is granted.  Dr. Hipke does not replace parents…he serves as a voice of reason when teens need to vent / solve life’s problems.  If not, no one knows what is going on!  Dr. Hipke always talks with parents before he visits teens, so parents always have a voice at his office.  He can hold confidentiality and still easily teach families a game plan.  He will encourage teens to open up to parents as they go along.  You can read more here.

Why doesn’t Dr. Hipke offer vaccinations at the office? (Beginning January, 2017)
At this time, he has chosen not to provide routine vaccinations for teens (except for Texas Healthsteps Children), because it may be cheaper at a pharmacy.  He will write a Vaccine Prescription so the pharmacists know exactly what to give.

What happens if your teen needs to go to the hospital or see a specialist?
With immediate access to his care, Dr. Hipke seeks to prevent or reduce hospitalizations and specialty referrals. In instances where those types of care are required, he will certainly coordinate care with in-network insurance providers / hospitalists / specialists.  He will continue to follow your teen’s progress—after all, he is still your teen’s doctor.

Can I contact Dr. Hipke by phone?  Email?  Social Media? Text?
Because Dr. Hipke empowers teens to take care of themselves, he will give them a Red Card that will reach him 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. Illness and injury do not respect regular office hours, so Dr. Hipke is available any day, at any hour. He wants teens to make the call.  Of course parents can call but can’t ‘use the Red Card’. 
How many other primary care doctors would directly answer their phone 24/7 if your teen called?

If you prefer, you may also send encrypted e-mails.  (Be aware social media messages are not encrypted so medical data can be hacked.)  Unfortunately, texts are not confidential, so they are not allowed.

What if my teen needs medical attention while away from home?
Because he knows your teen well, Dr. Hipke can talk with them when they are away at college / camp / or vacation.  He has the ability to prescribe simple medications in all 50 states.  Find a pharmacy near you and call him with the number.  Many illnesses can be diagnosed and treated with a simple conversation by phone.  If not, he can direct your teen with further instructions.

The #1 Most Frequently Asked Question:
Is it Expensive?

So what costs are involved in becoming a patient?
Dr. Hipke is on most insurance plans in the East Texas area.  If your teen does not have insurance, office visits are only $25.  (Teen visits could also be FREE if you qualify.)

The next biggest cost is time....some problems may take many visits to resolve.  The lack of time commitment is the biggest reason Dr. Hipke sees teens not improving.

Dr. Hipke may send teens and families home with 'homework'.  Learning about health and wellness / life skills on your time is very helpful.  Parent(s) / Guardian(s) will have their own 'homework' and must be willing to grow with their teen.

Finally, there is the cost of change.  That starts from pure honesty, which is difficult for teens and honestly discuss what's really going on...and what has gone on in the past.  From that foundation, change, growth and healthy improvements are made.  That cost is well worth the price!

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