Why do Teens Need a Doctor?
Teen Health Check Ups and...

Want to graduate from your Pediatrician?  Call us!

Your pediatrician may have cared for you since you were a small child.  As you continue to grow and change, you will have new health needs.  Dr. Hipke focuses on Adolescent Medicine and invites you to join the Adolescent Care Team!  He has cared for more than 4600 teens over the last 22 years and will bring all his experience to your visit...just to help teach you how to care for yourself.

As you become an adult, you will continue to be more responsible for your teen health and wellness.  This means you have to prevent problems before they start.  Dr. Hipke understands how to help guide you through minor concerns before they become serious problems.

What can Dr. Hipke do for You?

All the Usual Stuff You Expect from Your Doctor

Treat Illnesses and Injuries
Investigate Problems
Prevent Injuries
School Physicals
Annual Visits & Physical Exams

Some Things You Won't Find at a Regular Doctor's Office

Helpful Answers to your Questions
Promote Healthy Decisions
Pick up Life Skills
Teach you How to Handle Life's Tough Situations
Prevent Problems Before They Even Start

Dr. Hipke is not a Pediatrician.  He is a Board Certified Internist who specializes in Teen Health and Wellness.  He goes above and beyond 'The 10 Minute Physical' to spend the confidential time you deserve from your doctor.  There are no Physician's Assistants nor Nurse Practitioners in his office...you will see Dr. Hipke at every visit.  He is your doctor.

Dr. Hipke Likes to Teach Teen Health Topics

Dr. Hipke's medical clinic offers a relaxed patient room where you can look through high school annuals or solve the challenging puzzles.

If you need extra time or some additional information, Dr. Hipke can draw a quick picture to point you in a good direction!

Your patient room is relaxed and doesn't look like a doctor's office exam room.  You're a teenager, not a small child at a pediatrician.  The rooms have whiteboards in case Dr. Hipke needs to teach you about a teen health topic. 

Dr. Hipke has been tutoring others since high school.  He even got the Outstanding Intern Teacher Award for teaching younger medical students.  As a Chief Resident, he taught other doctors for a whole year after he finished his own training.

He has enjoyed treating over 4600 teens...one at a time...for more than 22 years.  Everyone comes with a different story.  He will listen to yours and then give you ideas to take really good care of yourself.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Getting answers to your questions will help you learn how your body works, how to take care of yourself, how to handle your emotions, and how to stay healthy.  With all the facts, it will be easier to make the right decisions about your life.

Sometimes, talking about personal things with your friends or family may be embarrassing.  But where else can you turn?  When you feel uncomfortable talking about certain things with your parents, you will always be able to ask Dr. Hipke.  He has heard lots of questions!

Dr. Hipke will respect you as a person.  Because he is your doctor, he will not talk with anyone about you without first asking your permission.  Your parents are obviously concerned about your teen health and well-being.  Your discussions with Dr. Hipke may allow you the opportunity to talk with them about concerns, too.  However, Dr. Hipke will only give other people information after you have given permission.

The only exceptions to this rule, called confidentiality, would be during an emergency, a life-threatening situation, or when authorities must be contacted by law.  Even then, Dr. Hipke will be with you every step of the way.  He is your doctor.

Your Teen Health and Wellness Under one Roof

That's right.  Dr. Hipke becomes your doctor, your health and wellness coach, confidential advisor and advocate all under one roof.  Because of the popularity of his teen health clinic, he is taking a limited number of new patients.  How do you get in?  Call us today at CLOSED or click here to fill out the New Patient Referral!

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