"Pay It Forward"
Lets You See Dr. Hipke for FREE*!

That's right!  You can Pay It Forward (if you qualify) by volunteering with your teen to do $25 worth of work or service for someone else.  Have them fill out the Pay it Forward Certificate and return it...DONE!

Who Qualifies for Pay It Forward?

Volunteer your time for others and bring this back!

Dr. Hipke's office is required by law to collect copays and deductibles from patients with insurance.

HOWEVER, If you do not have insurance of any kind for your teen /tween, office visits are discounted 80% if you pay on the day of the visit.  That is about $25.

If you have a hardship of any kind, please let Dr. Hipke be aware BEFORE your appointment.  He does not run a free health clinic, but will work with teens and their families regardless of financial status.  His office fees are very affordable but understands the reality our expensive world. 

The certificate allow you to keep your confidentiality of 'why' you are doing the service.  Of course, you can always tell them if you wish.

Click here for a copy of Pay It Foward Certificate to print.  (pdf format)

When he gives you permission:

  • SImply print out a 'Pay It Foward Certificate'
  • You AND your teen volunteer $25 worth of time to someone else
  • Have them fill out the Certificate
  • Bring it back to Dr. Hipke.
  • Your visit will be FREE.

With approval, you can repeat this as many time as you need!

Having a Hard Time Deciding Where to Volunteer?

This video may spark some ideas...

*The Fine Print

Due to federal law, this offer can only be extended to teens / tweens with no health insurance of any kind.

Pay It Forward can only be applied to the cost of the office visit itself.  Labs, for example, will still need to be paid at the discounted rates.

The ability to use a certificate for a visit is at the sole discretion of Dr. Hipke.  He understands a universal rule like 'income at or below poverty' may not work for a situation where someone's income is adequate but a tornado just destroyed their home.  Therefore, it will be on a needs basis  depending on a teen's situation at the time.

This offer can be discontinued without notice.

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From teens: "I want to say thank you for all you've done to help me since the day I met you..."

From Parents:  "You've been a great example for my sons..."


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