101 Encouraging Words for Your Teen

Encouraging Words...
You can write a simple note for your teen to discover...
Say encouraging words when they least expect them...
Send a simple text...
make all the difference!

When teens hear parents bragging about them, they may not smile outside...but they are beaming inside!

WOW * Way to Go * Super * Your'e Awesome * Outstanding * Excellent * You're Special * Great * Good * Neat * Well Done * Remarkable * I Knew You Could Do It * I'm Proud of Your * Fantastic * Super Star * Nice Work * Looking Good * You're on Top of It * Beautiful * Now You're Flying * You're Catching On * Now You've Got It * You're Incredible * Bravo * Fantastic * Hurray for You * You're on Target * You're on Your Way * How Nice * How Smart * Good Job * That's Incredible * Hot Dog * Dinamite * You're Beautiful * You're Unique * Nothing Can Stop You Now * Good for You * I Like You * You're a Winner * Remarkable Job * Beautiful Work * Spectacular * You're Precious * Great Discovery * You're Spectacular * You're a Darling * Hip, Hip, Hurray * You've Discovered the Secret * You Figured it Out * Fantastic Job * Bingo * Magnificant * Marvelous * Terrific * You're Important * Phenomenal * You're Sensational * Super Work * Creative Way to do That * Super Job * Excellent Job * Exceptional Performance * You're a Real Trooper * You are Responsible * You're Exciting to Watch * You Learned it Right * What an Imagination * What a Good Listener * You're Fun * You're Growing Up * You Tried Hard * You Care * Beautiful Sharing * Outstanding Performance * You're a Good Friend to Me * You Make me Happy * You Belong * You've got a Friend * I Trust You * You're Important * You Mean a Lot to Me * You Make Me Happy * You Belong * You've Got a Friend * You Make me Laugh * You Brighten my Day * I Respect You * You mean the World to Me * That's Correct * You're a Joy * You're a Treasure * You're Wonderful * You're Perfect * Awesome * A+ Job *  You're A-ok * My Buddy * You Make My Day * That's the Best * A Big Hug for You *  A Big Kiss for You * I Love You * Give them a Big Smile!

One More...102 Encouraging Words for Your Teen

My favorite that you will hear from me:  'Yea for You!"

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