Xrays, Lab Test Results,
Consultants & Hospitalization

Unfortunately sometimes tweens and teens get injured.  Dr. Hipke knows the doctors in the area who are good with teens.

Everyone waits on pins and needles for Xray and lab test results.  Results will be forwarded to you as soon as reports are received (1-5 days after the test is done).  Stat results will be called that day (like the Xray here...)

Understand before some testing or subspecialist appointments, permission must be obtained from your insurance company (called a referral or preauthorization.)  Just because Dr. Hipke requests a test to be done, your insurance does not have to approve it.

Sometimes there are days of delay for them to approve it.   You may need to talk with your insurance to help get prior authorization for testing...

We will call results or send a secure email to you.  The office will not leave voice mails on answering machines to protect your privacy.  To promote adolescent involvement, we want to tell both parents AND teens about results.

Please note that state law requires certain results to be released only to teens themselve (such as certain sexually transmitted diseases.) 

Once a teen is 18, we are obligated by federal HIPAA privacy rules to talk only to the patient.  They can then forward information to parents and whomever they wish.

Consultation with Specialists

With unusual or complicated problems, Dr. Hipke can give you better care by seeking the opinion of a specialist.  Physicians, Nutritionists, Educational Specialists, Speech / Occupational Therapists and Athletic Trainers are all part of the network assembled to provide additional evaluation and care.  If you ever desire another opinion, please tell Dr. Hipke.  He will be happy to suggest a specialist and send them details of your care without charge.

Prior authorizations to see the specialists may take up to 7 days for approval.  The office will not request 'emergency' authorizations unless it is a true life threatening need.

Hospital Care

Dr. Hipke has full staff privileges at both Good Shepherd Medical Center and Longview Regional Medical Center.  We are ready to assist you if your insurance requires pre-certification.  However, to be safe, we encourage you to notify your insurance company ahead of hospital visits, too. 

Dr. Hipke has slowed down his practice, so the ER physicians and hospitalists will care for your teen while there.  When you are discharged, please ask them to forward records to Dr. Hipke and call his office for a follow up appointment.

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