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The Vision

Promoting Teen Health and Wellness...in East Texas and beyond.

The Mission

There is a small oasis where teens come first.

Dr. Hipke enjoys each day:

  • Treating teen's medical problems...
  • Improving adolescent's health...
  • Coaching teens past rough areas...
  • Empowering tween's and teen's to take charge of every-day life...
  • Encouraging teens to go beyond 'healthy' and discover Wellness...

Teens create their own unique Game Plan for their lives…for Total Teen Health and Wellness.  Dr. Hipke knows neglecting even one area can cause all the good areas to fall apart.

Adolescents are growing up in a different society than just a few years ago.  Teen families are encouraged to develop their own Family Game Plan for Success.  Preventing problems is always better than fixing them...

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October 5, 2000

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Seeing a Need

Dr. Hipke, a partner with Internal Medicine Association of Longview, had a full adult Internal Medicine practice.  He became aware of a gap in medical care in East Texas in 1998.  When teens got 'too old' for the pediatrician, they just tended to drop out of the medical system.  That gap gave time for health to be ignored...bad habits to develop...denial to set in....

When they reached Dr. Hipke's office at 20-21 years old, the seeds of poor adult health had already been sewn.  When he talked with older adults, several pointed back to unsolved problems in childhood driving their adult health problems.  Preventing problems in teen years could prevent years of adult health concerns....it was time to move his adult practice to Adolescent Medicine.

The gap needed to be filled with someone who had a forward vision for teens...

  • An adult physician who could see where tweens / teens were going...not just where they had been.
  • A teen medical office away from 'little kids' that was more adult-like with a nonmedical, relaxed atmosphere.
  • A place where teens were empowered to take charge of their health and wellness when they 'graduate' from the pediatrician's office.

Dr. Hipke spent two years gathering the information he needed to take care of younger teens and setting up a totally independent office.  He didn't want oversite from a conglomerate clinic nor a hospital system.  The Adolescent Care Team was born.

Over 4600 teens later, there are lots of lives that are healthier and on a better road than they would have been.  All were seen by Dr. Hipke...one at a time.

Teen Medical Office...What's the Future?

Dr. Hipke slowed down in January, 2017 to spend more time with family.  The Adolescent Care Team is open and accepting a few patients at a time... patients who need the extra time with a physician dedicated to total teen health and wellness.

Would you like to check in to having your teen / tween join?  Click here.

He is pursuing some writing endeavours to promote Adolescent Health and Wellness beyond East Texas...

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