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Texas Immunizations!

Texas Immunization can help teens stay healthy!

Texas Immunizations can be confusing!  Dr. Hipke is here to help you and your teen get the right shots at the right age.  Some of the 'recommended' vaccinations may not really be needed for certain teens or young adults.  Others, like tetanus shots, are very valuable in preventing a disease that will paralyze patients for months in the intensive care unit.

Texas Requires School Vaccinations

Click here to link to the Updated Texas Vaccine Requirements for School Children

Click here to link to the Updated Texas Vaccine Requirements for College Students

Easy to Read Recommended
Vaccines for Tweens and Teens

Easy to Read Recommended Shots for Adults

Do You have any Texas Immunizations Questions?

Dr. Hipke will write prescriptions for the immunizations your teen needs.  You can take it to a pharmacy or County Health Department to have them given.  (Only Texas Healthsteps Teens will be given shots at the office as mandated by law.)

Shots are an important way to prevent devastating diseases in growing East Texas teens and young adults.  Many adults tend to neglect updating shots thinking they 'are all grown up now.'

Feel free to Contact Dr. Hipke if you have any questions!

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