Need Help with Prescriptions?
Here are 6 Tricks You can Use

"I need help with prescriptions for my 12 year old!", is an unfortunate but common phone call at my office...  Pharmaceutical prices are very unreasonable sometimes.

Good News:  We will help!  Call the office.  Here are some of the 'rules of medicines' in the office:

#1 Explore What Options are Available
Instead of Medication

Learning new information lasts a lifetime!  Medications only last until the dose wears off...Dr. Hipke asks teens to pick up new information so less medication will be used.

This is always Rule #1.  Dr. Hipke does not believe in 'lots of medicine' and believes 'pills don't fix people'.  (They can be used as a bridge to help people while they are helping themselves.)

Let Dr. Hipke explore dietary changes, teaching techniques, lifestyle changes, new activities, etc. with your teen to minimize medication use.  He always has information teens can read to live healthier lives.  Sometimes teaching parents new ideas can help minimize medication use.

Less medicine and you save money!

There is a simple rule in Dr. Hipke's office:  Medications need to be affordable, be effective, and have minimal side effects.  If those rules aren't met, Dr. Hipke will work to find an acceptable alternatives for your teen.  Sometimes, simply changing the way or the time the medication is taken will alleviate side effects.  Teens are encouraged to call with any medication problem.

#2 Generics Medications are Preferred

Several area pharmacies offer generic programs which may actually be 'cheaper' than insurance copays.  Most medications are interchangeable with name-brand medicines.  (However, sometimes name-brand medications are manufactured in a unique way so generics cannot be substituted well.)

Dr. Hipke knows the generic programs and can guide you and your teen to the most cost-effective medication choices. 

#3 Get the Good Rx App

There is a free app for Android and iphones called Good Rx.  It is free.  (Dr. Hipke does not receive any kind of stipend for promoting this app.)  You plug in your zip code and it shows you the cash price of medications as local pharmacies.

Good Rx has coupons you can tap, the pharmacy copies the coupon right from your phone, and you get medicine for a cheaper price.  It also has links to manufacturer coupons which can even decrease your copay.  (It's awesome!)

#4 Call In Medications

Because Dr. Hipke knows the teens in his practice, he may be able to call prescription in for simple problems instead of requiring an office visit.  That will save you time and money!  Likewise, he may ask teens to use their Red Card and report on progress.

(Many diseases have similar symptoms.  If Dr. HIpke isn't comfortable calling in a medication, please understand the need for an office visit.)

#5 Fast Track Refills

When you need refills, first call your pharmacy and read the prescription number from the bottle to the pharmacist.  (Many pharmacies now have apps to help speed up the process.)  Your pharmacy will refill the medication or fax us a refill request.  Those requests are handled throughout the day and faxed back to the pharmacy.  Done!

Please anticipate your needs prior to holidays, evenings or weekends by calling several days before you run out of medication.

Depending on the type of medication and recent appointment status, Dr. Hipke may need to see your teens prior to refilling a medication.

#6 Patient Assistance Programs

In the age of high deductibles and 'no insurance', the pharmacy companies have promoted Patient Assistance Programs which may allow your teen to qualify for free medications.  They are usually income-based programs to help defray the cost of medications.  Dr. Hipke will complete his part of the form for free. 

Medication coupons can be googled and manufacturers usually have promotions for name-brand medications.

Mail order and 90-day prescriptions can be used when medications will be used for extended periods of time.  They can also save you money per pill.

Help with Prescriptions: Guidelines for Restricted Prescriptions

There are several medications that require Dr. Hipke to write prescriptions on a special Rx pad that is tracked by the State of Texas.  They are commonly called 'Triplicate Prescriptions".  These are best picked up in person and need to be filled within one week.

Lost Restricted Prescriptions will be reported to the State of Texas.  If a prescription is not filled or unable to be filled, it needs to be returned to the office prior to a new prescription being written.

Dr. Hipke can mail Restricted Prescriptions but if they are lost, undelivered or stolen, he will not write another Rx for 30 days.

Take care of Restricted Medications...if they are lost, 'dumped down the sink', stolen, etc. Dr. Hipke will not write a new prescription until it is due to be filled.

Prepare for refills by secure emailing or calling ahead of time so the prescription can be prepared for pick up.

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