Free Telehealth Program for Teens!

Most teens have smart phones...telehealth just makes sense.

Sounds too good to be true....a free telehealth program?

It is true. Patients of Dr. Hipke are in charge of taking good care of themselves.  Each teen has a Red Card which give them direct access to Dr. Hipke 24 hours a day. No charge.

They can call for:

  • Illnesses
  • Injuries
  • Questions of any kind
  • Support and Advice
  • Just about anything else...

If Dr. Hipke believes the issue can be resolved without a visit, he will give teens specific instructions and ask them to pass pertinent information on to parents. He can call in medicines to the pharmacy.  If immediate action is necessary, he may ask for teens to come to the office or go to the Emergency Room

(It's Really about More than a Telehealth Program)

Here's a little secret.  Almost everything Dr. Hipke does is designed to get your teen ready to become a responsible adult and take really good care of themselves forever.  Like sports and music, that takes practice.  Real world practice.  Dr. Hipke understands teens 'don't know what to say' and will guide them step by step.  After a few calls, they are more comfortable and are learning a valuable adult skill.

Read more about the effectiveness of Telehealth for Teens here.

Teens need to learn how to make phone calls to a doctor's office.  (They are experts at texting but not always talking on the phone!)  Red Cards give them a great way to practice for the adult world that is just around the corner.

Yes, parents are always free to call the office.    If Dr. Hipke has a question about the nature of the problem / illness, understand the need to talk with your teen.  That can happen by Red Card or an office visit.

Avoid Expensive Walk In Clinics

The latest fad are stand-alone ER's that are very costly.  Before you go to any kind of ER or urgent care clinic, a simple Red Card call may save you several hours / money / deductibles / copays!  ...Not to mention the long waits!

TeleMedicine is Cost Effective

By knowing his patients, Dr. Hipke does not require every illness to have an office visit.  That saves you money, time and inconvenience.  That makes his Telehealth Program free most of the time.

He can send any necessary medications to the pharmacy simply to be picked up and started.  Easy!

How about High-Tech Telehealth?

My patients have my direct email...  Don't want to call me?  Send me an email!  It's the wave of the future.  The email you get back will be encrypted for your privacy.

Free Telemedicine!

Save time and money with
Free Telemedicine


From teens: "I want to say thank you for all you've done to help me since the day I met you..."

From Parents:  "You've been a great example for my sons..."


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