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Contact Us!  Red Cards Work...

Red Cards have become famous in East Texas.  Every teen will get a Red Card and can talk with Dr. Hipke 24 hours a day.  The teen has to dial the number, tell whomever answers 'I have a Red Card', and they will be put in touch with Dr. Hipke as soon as he is available.  During nights and weekends, the Red Card number is transferred directly to Dr. Hipke's cell phone.  He will answer the call himself.  Adolescent Medicine is about empowering teens to care for themselves.

Red Cards have saved more than one student's life in a situation when a parent wasn't immediately available.  It is very important parents allow teens to keep the Red Card themselves---in wallets, pinned on bulletin boards, or in special drawers.  Red Cards are NOT only for emergencies.  Dr. Hipke wants teens to call with routine updates or questions.

Teens lose the Red Card after 18 years of age, but will always be welcome in the office as adults.

Parents are always free to contact us and leave a message.  They just don't get a Red Card and Dr. Hipke will return calls or send emails as he has time.

Parents:  You cannot call and say 'Red Card' with the expectation of immediately talking with Dr. Hipke.  Likewise if you dial the phone for your teen, the Red Card won't work.  It is a privilege teens receive by joining the Adolescent Care Team.

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