Take an Office Tour:
A Look Inside
the Adolescent Care Team

Your office tour starts outside of 911 Walnut Hill Drive, Longview, Texas.

'911' is such a great address to have for Dr. Hipke's Longview office.

Look for the big blue Adolescent Care Team sign as you drive up Walnut Hill...

Pull up to the front door for easy in and out parking .

No PA's nor Nurse Practitioners here!  Your teen and tween get to see Dr. Hipke himself at every visit.

The Reception Area is relaxed and friendly.  Read a magazine, watch TV, or play a game of checkers with your family.

Dr. Hipke's office in Longview Texas is set up to welcome teenagers.

Teens feel welcome at Dr. Hipke's office

Patient rooms are quiet and teen-friendly.  Effort has been made to stay away from the 'doctor office' look.

Teens can solve the puzzles in the rooms or look through recent yearbooks from area high schools.

Whiteboards are in every patient room.  A quick picture is worth a 1000 words for teens. If more in depth Life Skill Visits are needed, whiteboards come in handy!

Whiteboards can be used to brainstorm a game plan for teens!

Parents!  You will talk with Dr. Hipke in one of two comfortable conference rooms.  While Dr. Hipke is talking with your teen, you get a few minutes of rest for the day!

Quiet, calm and relaxing.  The Adolescent Care Team in Longview Texas is set up for teens and their families.
Dr. Hipke helps parents come up with a Family Game Plan. He wants the whole family to do well!

So, How was the Office Tour?

Medical Care can be done without 'the look' of a doctor's office.  Teens like it and parents like it!

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From teens: "I want to say thank you for all you've done to help me since the day I met you..."

From Parents:  "You've been a great example for my sons..."


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