12 Awesome Ways Dr. Hipke Improves
Teen Health and Wellness

Wellness / Annual Visits

Lots can change in a year while you are growing up.  Annual Visits happen once a year to check up on your health.  Dr. Hipke will introduce you to wellness:

Wellness means actively improving your health with:
Good Exercise
Eating Well
Getting Plenty of Rest
Taking Good Care of your Body and Mind
Preventing Problems Before They even Happen
Avoiding the 'Poisons' that Contaminate your Body, Heart, Mind & Soul
Creating a Positive / Exciting Future!

Wellness visits empower teens to take their health to the next level.  That will involve exploring all areas of your life with Dr. Hipke and a teen physical exam.  Then you can put together a game plan to keep yourself healthy!

Treatment of Illnesses and Injuries

Dr. Hipke takes care of lots of teen athletes!

Have a sprained ankle? Acne? Asthma?  Let Dr. Hipke handle all your routine medical care with as little testing as possible.  After you become his patient, he may be able to simply call in medications and not even need to see you!

It is important for you to tell Dr. Hipke about any illness or injuries you have.  Let him know about any pains or changes in the way you feel, even if you think they are not serious.  Simple clues help him solve the puzzle and help you get better!  If further testing is needed, he will be there to guide you every step of the way.

Sports or School Physicals

Dr. Hipke asks his patients to avoid ‘school physicals’.  Physicals here in the office are much more complete by a doctor you know.  After your Annual Wellness Visit, all school / scout / camp / sports forms are filled out for FREE.

Click here to download a copy of the Texas UIL Physical Form pdf

Click here to download the Boy Scouts of America Pre Participation Physical
(Go to "Are You Going Camping" and click on the Download Button)

Dr. Hipke works with several high school sports teams.  He can help guide your training program, discuss sports nutrition, and help you avoid injuries.  He can even help you develop the ‘psychological edge’.

Need an exercise training program or sports nutrition guidelines?   Just ask!

A Second Opinion

Sometimes there is a mystery as to what’s really going on with a teen’s situation.  It could be a medical problem... or someone said you have ‘ADHD’ but it isn’t getting better.  Medicines can cause side effects that bother your day.  Put Dr. Hipke’s experience with 4600 teenagers to work for you!  He will put on his detective hat and help figure out what is really going on…then steer you in better direction.

Growth and Development

Your body is probably changing fast and you might want to talk with Dr. Hipke about what to expect as you grow.  For example:  will you be as tall as your parents?  Is your sexual development on track? Will your acne ever clear up?  Should you be worried about your weight?  Even ‘embarrassing’ questions can be openly discussed with Dr. Hipke.

Personal or Family Problems

Sometimes you might have a hard time dealing with peer pressure or family problems.  For example:  feeling like your parents don’t understand you, losing a best friend or getting teased at home.  If you don’t know where to turn, remember Dr. Hipke is there to create solutions with you!

Dating and Sex

During visits with Dr. Hipke, you’ll have the chance to ask questions about dating, sex, and pregnancy.  He also can talk to you confidentially about how to postpone having sex before you are ready, and how to protect yourself against sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s).  It’s important to make smart choices about sex now, because the wrong choice can affect you for the rest of your life.

'Out of Bounds' Sexual Concerns

Whether it is pornography, being sexual at a young age, sexting, a history of sexual abuse, or even the feeling you could be gay…all are topics open for discussion with Dr. Hipke.  He cares about your total health and wellness, so he won’t judge you.

It seems Dr. Hipke has become the ‘go to’ primary care physician in East Texas for tween and teen boys with this group of tough topics.  He has helped hundreds of teens with these topics and can bring that experience to help you, too.  It may be easier for you to move all your medical, talking care and medications under one roof…seeing lots of different professionals for a tough topic is exhausting.

School Problems

Good teen doctors will take all the time you need to help you!

Like many people your age, you probably worry about your grades and your future.  Sometimes, no matter what you try, it may be hard to juggle school, a job, sports, and other activities.  Maybe you find it difficult to get along with others at school or concentrate on your work.  Dr. Hipke can investigate learning problems and help you through this busy time of life.

Teen Alcohol and Drug Use

The teenage years are a time when you may be tempted to try 'new things' as you step into the real world.  It’s also a time when you may get lots of pressure from your friends.

Just remember, what’s popular for them might not be right for you.

(Just because it is on social media and the internet, that doesn't mean it's healthy or ok...)

Becoming an adult means determining what is right for you.  This is especially important since many people you know may be using cigarettes, alcohol, weed or other drugs.  Instead of just going along with the crowd, you need to decide what is healthy for you now and your future.  Dr. Hipke can explain how smoking, drinking or drugs can affect you…sometimes forever.

Emotional Chaos

Hurt | Anger | 'Depression' | Easily Upset | Guilt and Shame |Crying all the time
Worry | Anxious | Emotional Shut Down | Having Weird Thought that Bother You

Emotions are clues that tell you something is going on inside.  Sometimes those clues can be confusing or troubling.  Dr. Hipke has lots of experience teaching teens how to settle emotions and learn to listen to them in a helpful way. 

Life's Tough Events

Dr Hipke really likes to teach teens HOW to bounce back and get back on the road!

Sometimes the real world can cause tough situations like death, divorce, or violence which can be hard to handle...(even if you were an adult!)  Situations which happened a long time ago can still come up to bother you today. (If the feeling you could kill yourself is inside, you need immediate help.)   Maybe your decision to steal or fight has landed you in trouble.  Dr. Hipke has lots of experience in helping students pick up new skills to deal with difficult life events.

Helping Teens Help Themselves

Dr. Hipke will always send a reading plan home with you so you can investigate more for yourself.  He will share helpful websites and YouTube videos with you.  You will have all the tools you need to put together a Game Plan for total teen health and wellness.  Your parents will also receive information about growing up in today’s world.

Good News!

Dr. Hipke is your doctor
...and Wellness Coach...
...and Life Coach...
...and Teen Advisor / Advocate...
All in one!

You will have a Red Card to call him 24 hours a day, seven days a week when you need him.
NO other doctor in the Longview Texas area will give you that opportunity.

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Teen Health and Wellness Quote You Will Hear from Dr. Hipke

"Yea for You!"  -Dr. Hipke

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