Patient Testimonials Regarding Dr. Hipke

Empowering East Texas Teens and Tweens to take really good care of themselves takes encouragement.  Then you ask them to find their super power and FLY!

Patient Testimonials are always chosen by the Doctor...of course they will all be great!  However, I have been honest enough to include a couple of student/parent testimonials that weren't flattering and a couple that are funny.  I enjoy my work every day; I am a real person helping real teens and families.  I won't be perfect and don't pretend to be.

I have a job where I have to get real honest sometimes, step on toes and ask people to change the way they are handling life and health.  Sometimes people aren't ready to hear that kind of honesty.  (Then they call me "Dr. Phil"...that's ok with me!)

I want the best for all the East Texas teens and tweens.

All testimonials and more are on file at The Adolescent Care Team.
(Names have been changed to protect privacy.)

Sampling of Testimonials from Teens

Dr. Hipke made my first visit a stress free and highly beneficial one.  He had me accurately figured out in 20 minutes.  Wow.  --RK

He always is smilin'.  He knows how to help me.  HE RULZ! --David Slaten

Dr. Hipke, thank you for all that you've done for me these past two years.  I really don't know where I'd be if God didn't lead me to you, both health-wise and with my life.  With you diagnosing Celiac disease and always listening to me and giving me advice, I am doing so much better and am in a place in my life that I would not have dreamed of.  You are an amazing doctor and a super-intelligent and caring person.  I consider you a huge mentor and am always praying for you and your practice.  With all respect, gratitude and admiration, ---Kenson White

Thanks so much for coming and talking with us about college wellness.  We really appreciate it, and as a senior, it is good to know what I can do to keep off those annoying pounds.  Your time is very appreciated and I, and the rest of the Leadership Tomorrow Group, just wanted to tell you Thank You.  We are truly grateful for your time and wisdom.  I know you do a lot for the community and often give your time to help students like ourselves learn how to take care of ourselves.  Thank you a whole lot.  --Raul Ramirez

Hello Dr. Hipke. I just wanted to let you know how much you have done for me in my life..I now have a wife and 3 beautiful little girls and am living in ___________, Texas.  I have told my wife about you so many times.  About all the times you have helped me through my hard times.  Also you being the only person I felt comfortable telling anything to when I was young and even now if I'm telling the truth.  Till this day I still use your practices that you have taught me to stay calm, stop my mind from wandering all over the place. lol.  And to keep myself grounded.  I seriously and all honestly owe you everything for helping me through my rough childhood ....  --Thomas Littleton

He told me weed wasn't ok.  He's stupid. --TK

Thank you for going out of your way to send me that packet of information.  I really do appreciate it.  I know what you tell me is the truth.  Although this might take longer and more effort, I know I will stay healthy and not harm my body.  Thank again for your input and help. --WV

It is because of you I can live to be my true self.  You understand me for who I am and that is why I was able to open up to you.  You will always have a special place in my heart due to the care, love, and support you have shown me.  Forever grateful, --MJ

...I did not want to be a doctor until I met Dr. Hipke, an internal medicine doctor with a specialty in adolescent care.  Dr. Hipke helped me see the humanistic side of medicine, which, due to my thorough love for people, was the primary reason that I wanted to become a psychologist.  Instead of diagnosing my illnesses and sending me to a pharmacy, he would tell me what the illness was and explain what was going on inside of my body, and why he was giving me a specific type of medication.  He would ask me about my life as well as give me advice and counsel that was wiser and made me feel better than a counselor or psychologist ever did.  If I needed to sit in his office and talk to him about struggles that I was going through...he would let me, with a constant smile on his face.  Not only did he make me feel important and like I mattered, he told me that I was and that I did. ...  I was not the only patient he treated like this; every patient he had he was tenaciously and entirely devoted to.  Observing this, I concluded that if the doctor so chooses, there can be a thriving humanitarian side to medicine....  --Chris Albos (written for an assignment at school)

I want to say thank you for all you've done to help me since the day I met you. You may not think you've done anything special, but you have. Thank you for all the times you've spent teaching me new things or spending time reviewing things that I'm rusty on.  There aren't many people who are willing to give of themselves the way you do. I really appreciate it. I will be praying for you and your health for the upcoming year and all the years that follow.  Thank you for being such a great person and for being an inspiration to me.  --NB

Wish you had Wi-Fi here. --QE

Thanks for your nonjudgmental way of turning the conversation around and assisting me in finding better alternatives.  --LN

Thanks for everything.  I can't explain in words how much you've helped me and the feeling of reassurance that you are always there when I need your help. You seem to know what I am thinking about and always draw a picture for me on the board that puts it all together for me. --TS

A Few Testimonials from Parents

He and his team are the best.  I love the way he makes you feel like it's all about you.  The time he spends to make you feel assured.  The one thing to make this even better?  I can't think of one unless it would be come home with us. --BH / JM

I am glad you decided to specialize in this field because I am lost when it comes to parenting in this time period.  --Amy Lisner

He doesn't rush us out the door.  He seems to be concerned about any small problem.  My son wants to do what he says.  He loves his doctor. He doesn't dread going to the doctor.  Kids need someone to talk to and he understands this.  ---Mr. Tom Fitzgerald.

He made me MAD!  He looked straight at me and told me I was wrong.  I left MAD. After calming down, I realized he was right and I need to be a better parent to my teen.  I was part of the problem.  Albert was angry because I was angry. --Tia Morrow

Thank you for being a great doctor and friend.  You've been a great example for my sons.  We love you! --Brenda Johnson

Everyone in this office was great.  It's nice to be treated good when you are on Medicaid.  There's so many doctor's offices that treat us bad.  It's been a great pleasure.  I will recommend this office to a lot of people.  --B Steadman

I appreciate your straight forwardness.  I appreciate your genuine care for my Ben.  I am thankful he can call you at any time. I love your wisdom when dealing with 'how to's" with our child.  --Jack Scroggin

I think that you did great taking care of my brother and being nice to him. He is nice now to me. --AK

I have NEVER been to a doctor that talks to the parent first and spends as much time as needed.  Does not rush to get to next patient.  He is a great doc.  You have helped us and Thomas so much thank you from the bottom or our hearts.  --HM

He made me mad.  I am the parent and I know what is best for my kids.  I won't be back. --SD

Why don't we have more caring Dr's. like Dr. Hipke by teaching the parents it is a win-win deal with your teenager.  I wish I could clone Dr. Hipke (lol).  --LA

I just wanted to express my sincere appreciation to you for visiting with Robert this weekend at Juvenile Detention.  I haven't had a chance to visit with him since then, but I feel quite certain he was also appreciative.  Hindsight is 20-20 and I am beginning to see now how right you were in your evaluation of Robert.  We have a rough road ahead of us, but I have to believe he is going to come away from this a better, more responsible person. I appreciate your many efforts on Ryan's behalf.  Sincere thanks.  --Lindsay Hamilton

I wish you had coffee. --John C.

What a great doctor he is and we should be sending more of our doctors to the school he came from. --Mr. Ramos

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From teens: "I want to say thank you for all you've done to help me since the day I met you..."

From Parents:  "You've been a great example for my sons..."


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