Using Your Health Insurance

Dr. Hipke is a member of most health insurance plans in East Texas.  You can look up Dr. Hipke's name in your insurance guide under Internal Medicine, Adolescent Medicine, Pedatrics/Adolescents or in the index.  Products and plan participation often changes, so please contact your insurance plan to verify Dr. Hipke is in-network.

Dr. Hipke will be your teen's Primary Care Physician (PCP).  He will be caring for your teen's medical care plus all the extra care he offers at his office.  If your insurance requires listing a PCP, you will need to call your insurance and change the PCP to Dr.Hipke before your visit.

Please bring your insurance card with you to every visit.  To update your insurance between visits, please send us a copy by secure email, mail or send it by fax to CLOSED.  Include your updated address, email, phone number, etc.

Can't find Dr. Hipke in your insurance directory?

  • Sometimes, new networks are introduced so Dr. Hipke may not yet be a member.  If you would like Dr. Hipke to investigate joining your health insurance network, please contact us.
  • Insurance may also list Dr. Hipke as a "Pediatrician" even though he is a board certified Internist.  (They get confused where to put Adolescent Medicine!)

If Dr. Hipke does not participate in your health plan, please expect to pay out-of-network prices based on the details of your plan.  For out-of-network pricing, please contact your insurance plan.

Don't have insurance?

Good News!  Dr. Hipke may still be able to see your teen for a cash price about $25 per office visit.  Or you can investigate the Pay it Forward Program so your teen can be seen for FREE!  Without medical insurance, patients and their families are responsible for the office visit charge on the day of the visit.

Health Insurance Referrals

Need more Information?  See Common Health Insurance FAQ

Sometimes specialist visits, testing, or medical equipment may need a referral before services are received.  Referrals can take more than 24 hours to obtain from your insurance if they are willing to give it.  They require work and time.

Therefore, you will need to plan ahead and give the office adequate notice prior to needing a referral.  Dr. Hipke's office will NOT obtain nor request an 'emergency' referral unless there is a life-threatening condition.

Patients or the subspecialty office requiring a referral will need to provide adequate information to obtain the referral.

Office Fees

Medical Insurance claims can be tricky.  We will file claims for you!

Dr. Hipke never wants financial concerns to become a barrier to seeing adolescents.  Even if your health insurance has been cancelled, Dr. Hipke will be happy to continue to care for your teen.  You will simply move to the 'no-insurance ~$25 cash price' when you visit.  You can then also qualify for the Pay It Forward Program and be seen for FREE.

Fees will vary with each case, but generally reflect the concerns expressed and time dedicated to each visit.  Our fees are very competitive with other area PCP's.  Please to not hesitate to discuss your fees if you have any questions.  Because Dr. Hipke is very concerned about the cost of medical care, he appreciates your suggestions. 

Dr. Hipke does not like to send bills because of the high cost of paperwork and postage.  The office will promptly file your in-network insurance claim form.  We appreciate payment at the time of service to avoid those bills.  You may use cash, check, Visa, Mastercard, or Discover.  Simple payment plans are easy to negotiate.

Do not let 'money' keep you from obtaining care for yourself or your adolescent.

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