Rumors:  "I heard Dr. Hipke is Closing his Office!"

Adolescent Care Team is Closing...It's True

Dr. HIpke is Sad

August 30, 2020 will be the last day The Adolescent Care Team is open.

Dr. Hipke will be transitioning to Telemedicine full time.

The private practice environment has eroded to a point where it is not viable to
remain in private practice.  (COVID19 has not helped.)

Dr. HIpke knows there are no other 'Dr Hipke's' in this area and it pains him to ask the teens he enjoys caring for to seek a new doctor.  He also knows the foundations he has encouraged students to build will serve them for the rest of their lives. Same with parents...the tips and tricks will help homes run well.

Records can be obtained by completing the Medical Records Requests mailed with your letters.  You may also print one here and mail it to the PO Box below.

A letter has been mailed with further instructions about transitioning to a new physican.

Dr. Hipke will be available by phone from now to August 30, 2020 to help with any final topics  teens wish to address.

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