Corona Virus Office Precautions
Our Office is Open!

Corona Virus is a real threat.  Stay smart and protect yourself and your family!

Updated 6/1/2020.  In effect until 8/1/2020.

Dear Adolescent Care Team family

I truly appreciate everyone's understanding of the extraordinary precautions required at my office during the 'new normal' Coronavirus era. Those precautions have allowed me to serve you and have kept my office staff healhy.  They have worked well!

(Because we have done so well, we are also staying open to New Patients on a limited basis.)

With updated guidelines from the CDC, my office can now make small adjustments and still keep everyone healthy.

1. If my patient or the family member coming to the office have been sick within the last 14 days, or are currently sick, CALL THE OFFICE before your appointment for instructions. We may elect to treat you by phone and reschedule your appointment to a later time.
2. If you are coughing, have respiratory issues, or are susceptible to upper respiratory illnesses, we ask that you notify us BEFORE YOUR APPOINTMENT.
3. If you have traveled outside of Texas in the past month we ask that you let us know immediately on arrival.
4. Within the past month, if you have travelled anywhere that has a high incidence of Coronavirus, or worked at any facility that has Coronavirus cases, we ask that you call the office before your appointment to update us on your teen, but wait for your teen in the car (or send them with another family member.)
5. Coronavirus screening questions will be asked at every in-person visit.  You may be asked to reschedule your appointment if any questions are positive.
6. We continue to ask families to limit the appointment to the patient and one family member.  We know that has created communication problems and obtaining care for younger children during the appointment time, but know those adjustments have allowed us to stay open.  We are trying to limit the office visits to one family at a time.  We continue to ask that only the patient and one parent go back to the clinic area.
7. If a care giver who will be transporting the patient is in poor health or over 60 years of age, we ask that you call the office before your appointment to update us on your teen, but have the care giver stay in the car for your protection.  (Or have another family member bring the patient.)
8. The CDC has determined the virus cannot be easily transmitted from objects, so we will be returning the checkers / magazines / books to the lobby!
9. We will continue to utilize all standard precautions to eliminate transmission of any disease as outlined by the CDC. 
10. Please understand "Video Visits" do not work well with teens and tweens due to distractions and inability to truly assess them 'over a device'.
11. We know there are economic consequences because of this virus.  I am dedicated to caring for teens and tweens even without insurance!  We can discount our office charges up to 80% in certain situations to help you during this time.

I know this time has not been easy for anyone. My office remains dedicated to it's mission: Providing total care for teens / tweens.


Matt E. Hipke MD PLLC

More Corona Virus Information

You can obtain updated guidelines to keep your family safe at

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